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The numbers are a catalyst that can help turn raving madmen into polite humans.

Phillip J. Davis


Like the crest of a peacock, so is mathematcs at the head of all knowledge

W. H. Auden


Mathematics at St Matthias Park

On arrival at St Matthias Park all pupils are baseline assessed in mathematics. This enables their future learning to be tailored to their needs. Topics that pupils have missed during their prior schooling, or that they find difficult, will be covered. This supports a general focus on Number skills and a reinforcement of basic skills to allow pupils to build the foundation upon which to improve their learning.

Many of the maths lessons at St Matthias Park focus on functional skills. They aim to provide pupils with the practical skills that they will need to deal with numeracy in the real world as they become older.

Depending on the length of a student’s stay with us, they will be able to achieve a Maths qualification.

At Key Stage 3 pupils work towards Functional Skills at Entry Level 1, 2, 3, and Level 1 in Year 9.

At Key Stage 4 pupils will work towards Functional Skills at Entry Level and Levels 1-2, also AQA Linear GCSE (A* to G).

In the past we have also offered Adult Numeracy Level 1 and 2 where appropriate.