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Revolving Door

A six week full time programme for pupils who are at risk of permanent exclusion.


What schools can expect

  • Pre programme visit from a Learning Mentor to meet with school staff to identify behavioural targets using the Reintegration Readiness Scale.
  • Pre programme meeting for pupil and parent/carer at St Matthias Park.
  • Six week full time learning programme to include assessments and study in English, Maths, Science, ICT, Citizenship with PHSE, Art and Design, Work Related Learning. A vocational activity and a physical activity will also be chosen by the pupil.
  • SEAL themes incorporated into all areas of the curriculum.
  • Behaviour management based on shared expectations, regular target monitoring and consistently applied reward systems.
  • Three post programme visits from a Learning mentor.


What pupils can expect

  • Six week programme based on the themes of Getting Started, Working With Others, Goals and Aspirations and Moving On.
  • Entry Level Functional Skills qualifications in English Maths and ICT.
  • Realistic and relevant behaviour targets.
  • Support from a Learning Mentor on return to school.